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  PLC Professional  - Automation Development Programmable Controller Kits
  6-I/O E  KIT   $199.99 
  12-I/O HMI   KIT   $299.99 
  18-I/O HMI   KIT    $399.99 

 Each PLC Kit includes:
  ■ PLC Controller, DIN rail, DIN Power Supply 24VDC, 
USB Program interface, Software, instructions, examples, manual in CD. or USB Drive

Application: OEM Machines, Packing, Filling, Molding, Extrusion, Cutting, Welding, Food processing, Energy controls, Marine installations, Solar-Wind, Robots, Signal, Traffic control, Conveyors, Lighting Control, Pump Control, Greenhouses, Assembly lines, Automation, Maintenance systems, Mobile trucks, Drones, Home automation. etc    Application & program examples



Discrete Inputs
Current consumption
   4mA @12VDC,   3.2mA @24VDC,  

DC inputs, 4 can be used as Analog 12-bit, 0-10 VDC

  Input Signal ”OFF” Threshold
   12VDC: < 2.5VDC; 24VDC: < 5VDC
   Input Signal ”ON” Threshold
   12VDC: > 7.5VDC; 24VDC: > 15VDC

Relay Outputs
Contact material Ag Alloy
  Current rating 10A  SPST, Normally open
  HP rating 1/3HP@120V 1/2HP @250V
  Maximum Load Resistive: 8A/point; Inductive: 4A/point
  Maximum operating time 15ms (normal condition)
  Life expectancy (rated load) 100k operations

■ Programmable Logic software Migro,  Supports programming of basic and complex logic functions

  • Real time program monitor
  • Impulse generator function and timers
  • Display function for displaying and editing plain text messages and values
  • Gain function for shifting analog signals
  • Closed-loop controller applications
  • Integrated calendar/clock function
  • Up to 350 on/off switching commands per program
  • Can replace a multi-channel real-time clock
  • Large set of preprogrammed functions
  • Process visualization and dynamic real time parameter graphics
  • Program simulation – no controller needed
  • Point, click, drag and drop programming
  • Simple debugging
  • Program up to 286 I/O with expandable models
  • Easy and convenient program creation and editing.
  •  Programs can be saved on a computer and accessed at any time
  • Programs can also be upload from the Migro controller and then edited.
  • Enables users to print programs for reference and review.
  • Simulation Mode allows users to virtually run and test the program before loaded it
  • Real-time communication allows the user to monitor the operation
  • Input Switches operable from the computer keyboard or by clicking on them.
  • Timed Timer and counter contacts 
  • Analog functions, Compare, Gain, Ramp, Mux, PID
  • Real Time 365 Day Clock  Day, Month, Years
  • Weekly timer: Hour, Days
  • PWM, Modbus - Read - Write
  • Special timers and multifunctions
  • On-Delay Timers (TON)  Off-Delay Timers (TOF)
  • Retentive Timers (RTO)
  • U/Down Counters, Hour counter
  • Timer/Counter Reset (RES) , Latch and Unlatch Relays
  • Shift Register, and pulse relays,  Set Reset
  • Logical Outputs (AND, OR, NOT, NAND, NOR and XOR)  Boolean functions
  • Graphic or Text Display and more..........
  • PLC Hardware/Software Requirements:
    IBM® PC or higher compatible computer
    Windows® operating system,   Windows 10
    Minimum of 1 Gigabyte of RAM memory. 
    2 Gigabyte of available hard disk space
    800 x 600 or higher screen video capability.
    CD-ROM drive. USB Port

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